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Chipmusic by ChronoWolf

Orchestral Soundtracks

In addition to chiptune, I also produce orchestral soundtracks for games, film and other creative projects. My most recent release (6th June 2016) was the Soundtrack to the graphic novel ‘Icarus’ Written by Gregory A Wilson and illustrated by Matt Slay and Mark Dos Santos. The Soundtrack accompanies the Audio Dramatization version of the Graphic Novel, where I composed both the music and produced the sound effects. The Audio Dramatization was voiced by George Ledoux (Neverwinter Nights, Mechwarrior, Thief & Dying Light), and Trandane Sparks.

Icarus Soundtrack Cover

What about some Albums? Because you can never have too much!

ChronoWolf – Meet At the Gazebo

Released in 2017


Meet At the Gazebo is a collection of tracks written for performances or shows at MAGFest. Hence the title which references the iconic Gazebo, which is the centerpiece of the Gaylord International Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD – where MAGFest has been held in recent years. Get it on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

Icarus – Original Soundtrack

Released in 2016


The Icarus Original Soundtrack is a journey back to my roots as an orchestral composer. Presented in 24bit 44.1khz, this is the original orchestral soundtrack to accompany the graphic novel (and upcoming game) ‘Icarus’, written by Gregory A. Wilson and illustrated by Mark Dos Santos and Matt Slay. The graphic novel is accompanied by an Audio Dramatization voiced by George Ledoux and Trandane Sparks, and features this orchestral soundtrack as a music backing / accompaniment. Get it on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

ChronoWolf – Genesis

Released in 2016


Genesis is my very first chiptune / chipmusic album! It features 10 tracks and 1 bonus track, which vary along the spectrum between electronic and orchestral accompaniment. I am really excited for this release, and hope you guys take the time to check it out! It is available on Bandcamp now! Get it on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more.

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