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Hello AWU, and thank you for considering me as a performing artist at the Anthro Weekend Utah event!

My name is ChronoWolf and I’m a local Utah furry and a published artist. My albums and music are available on a full range of platforms, including
iTunes, Spotify. Bandcamp, Amazon Music Store, Google Play, and more.

For more information about me or my music, this is my website. Feel free to navigate anywhere you’d like!
Or, visit the primary URL here:

I’ve been composing music for over 16 years and performing for almost as long. My primary instrument is keyboard/keytar, and my live set usually consists of 3 keyboards, often played simultaneously. Even though I can DJ, I prefer live performance delivered with excellent showmanship. I can, however, ensure my setlist transitions seamlessly between songs to ensure a consistent and ongoing dance experience.

My primary performance genre is Electronic / Chiptune / Video Game style, with a modern kick.

I have excellent stamina as a performer, having performed sets as short as 30 minutes, to as long as 4 hours!

AWU Availability

I am a registered attendee of AWU already and can perform either Friday or Saturday evening. I am also hosting 3 panels at AWU, and as long as my performance slot does not clash with any of those my schedule will be manageable.

Contact Info and Social Media


Below are a few video examples of some of my live performances